Upcycled Art

The artwork I create is a direct response that which I see and feel in and about the world around me.  I see a scrap yard as a as a palette to begin my composition.  Each piece is fabricated from an idea and allowed  to take on a life of it’s own.  The most successful pieces of my work are those that explore the relationships where clay and metal can merge into one.  The beauty of choosing the correct glaze to add interest to the exact piece of clay or the metal with all of it’s colors of pagination is like putting pieces of a puzzle together.  My inspiration comes from many sources.  Animals, nature the ability to to reform recycled metals or clay into an unexpected sculpture are a few.  I am most happy taking unwanted fragments from  my world and reconstructing them into their second distinct incarnation.  My hope is to give people something to explore, to considering to find beauty from reclaimed materials.  The conversations, curiosity and thoughts about my pieces are the best examples of how I would like my art to relate to the world.

About My Work